Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Mentors for Latebloomers

It occurred to me last week when I was discussing local buck season, that what I (and women like me) really need is a "Mentored Latebloomer" Hunting program. Many states have a "Mentored Youth" program, so why not a program to mentor the not-so-young?

I mean - think about it - we've got programs in place to encourage women to learn to shoot, and programs are growing to "keep" them shooting. To continue that encouragement and incentive, why shouldn't there be hunting programs for beginner women? Sure, there are always destination guided hunts available, but that can be cost-prohibitive for a lot of women. There are also BOW (Becoming an Outdoors Woman) programs, but does that include taking the women actually OUT on hunts to learn habitat, tracking, food sources, and all the other essentials "besides" pulling the trigger? Maybe there are some out there, but just not in my area. If there are, somebody please get me the info, because I would be all over it.

There have got to be other women out there besides me who do not have a significant other or family member to teach them who is close by. I have some remaining family who hunt deer, but only a couple - and they both live out-of-state. It is also kind of awkward as a single female to ask men at my gun club or in other social circles if they would "take" me hunting. I don't want the request to be misinterpreted or take on other connotations - ya know what I mean, ladies? Am I being too overcautious about this? It would be much easier if there were mentors on a list somewhere or something who've already signaled their openness to teach.

And I'm not just talking about deer hunting. There are all kinds of things I'd like to try before I die, and some things I'd just like to learn more about - Pheasant? Grouse? Turkey? Feral hogs?

I can't turn back the clock and be twelve again (besides the fact that you couldn't pay me enough to go through adolescence a second time - HA!), but I'd love to learn some of these things "now" - if I could find someone to teach me. Surely, I'm not the only one?

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