Monday, December 23, 2013

Recycled Chamber Flags

Now that more and more ranges are requiring chamber flags for firearms, I thought I would share my solution - and it cost me nothing (My favorite price!!!)

I've heard of all kinds of homemade options for chamber flags - zip ties, etc, but once I started thinking about it, my solution was staring right at me from the comfort of my recycle bin.

I happen to use a brand of liquid laundry detergent that happens to come in a bright yellow #2 jug. The jug also happens to have some handy right angles, that if cut to the proper width, work very nicely.

All you need is a clean, empty jug (and probably any bright color would work, it's just that I already had bright yellow), a sharp pair of shears or snips, and some imagination. I found it worked well to leave the flag end rather broad, and then taper/angle the chamber end. If it's too fat, you can just snip it down. And if you totally screw up the first couple (like I did), you've still got a whole jug's worth of plastic left to play with. You could probably make enough to supply your whole shooting team from one jug.

Martha Stewart I ain't, but sometimes I get hit between the eyes with a good idea.

There ya go! Go Crazy!!

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