Sunday, April 13, 2014

Guns and Babies

A random comment I made yesterday about packing for a trip to the range, got me to thinking about the similarities between having children and having guns.

So here, for no particular reason, are Dr. LateBloomer's Top Ten Reasons that Guns are like Babies:

10. They are expensive
9. You should never leave them unattended
8. It can be dangerous to feed them the wrong thing
7. They require a lot of ancillary equipment
6. Diaper bags /Range bags always contain cleaning supplies, snacks and drinks - at a minimum
5. They both sometimes require a stroller just to get around with all their gear
4. They make a lot of noise
3. It involves a lot of paperwork when they change hands, and "losing" one is frowned upon
2. It is a constant job to keep their orifices clean
... and...

1. There are entire government agencies dedicated to keeping track of them

Feel free to comment and add your own! :-)

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