Monday, April 14, 2014

Redneck Solutions

​​You may have read a few posts back about my issues with getting the new scope set up to match up with my vision. In the process, I also discovered that part of the problem was my cheek weld ( or lack thereof ) with the new set-up.  I didn't recall that my previous set-up was quite so "high". But then I realized that this is a higher power scope, and is thus a little bigger diameter, and thus must sit up a little higher to clear the rail. ( Do I have that correctly analyzed, you experts out there?)

I confirmed on Saturday that this was at least part of the issue, as I still wasn't getting much consistency. It all depended on where I held my head whether I could see through the scope, or had a black "ring", or saw only all black.

I knew that there are things called "cheek risers" that can raise up where your face hits on the stock, but I wasn't positive that this was the problem, nor did I want to spend a lot of money only to find out that it wasn't.

Enter Dr. LateBloomer's Redneck Solution. ( I should trademark that - LOL)


One roll of pink Duct tape

3/8ths inch poly pipe insulation - 6 feet for 97 cents at the hardware store

Viola! A temporary cheek riser, that actually worked quite well.
(Also visible in the photo is another Redneck Solution - the detergent bottle chamber flag that I posted about around Christmas time.)

The riser helped quite a bit when I went back to the range on Sunday. I realize that this is only a temporary fix, but with 6 feet of pipe insulation, I've got enough to make replacements for a couple years even, until I actually buy a real cheek riser. The only caveat is that because I am short-armed, the charging handle won't clear the riser in the position I need on the adjustable stock. Thus, if I have a jam, I'll have to move the stock position first, before using the charging handle to clear the jam.

This being a "unique snowflake" can be a real pain in the patoot! LOL

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