Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Some Talk About Glock

I've written before about how much I love my Glock 42. It conceals easily, it fits my hand well, and it shoots like a Glock. I've shot it in 2 BUG matches so far, and I recently, in a moment of insanity, signed up for IDPA BUG Nationals in November. I LOVE this gun.

So you can imagine my dismay when last week at a BUG match, I had a series of malfunctions that just kept getting worse. The trigger wouldn't pull. At first, I thought I had just not racked the slide properly when I was making ready. A re-rack cleared it, I blamed myself and kept on going. But it happened again at the next stage, and then twice more on the next stage. I then assumed that it was my ammo, even though it was the exact same ammo I used at the last BUG match without a hitch. But when I got home and cleaned the gun, I realized that the problem persisted even during dry fire. The trigger just wasn't resetting.

Not being a gunsmith, I didn't have a clue, so I had a Glock armorer friend take a quick look. He confirmed for me that he thought it should go back to Glock since it was under warranty. I contacted my Glock dealer, and he provided me with the contact number.

The process could not have been easier. I called Glock customer service at a few minutes after 9AM. I was asked a few questions about what the issue was, and was promptly emailed not only a form to fill out, but also a prepaid Fed Ex shipping label. Since it was my day off, I had my packaged gun to Fed Ex by 1pm, and that was it.

The Fed Ex return package note was back on my front door today (only a week later). The return paperwork doesn't say what the issue was, but the pistol now dry fires fine. The paperwork does say however, that they replaced my magazines. I looked, and the part number is indeed different on these new magazines, with a "01" now added underneath. A redesign. Interesting.

I'll know for sure that the issue is resolved after I get to the range later in the week, but at least so far, I have been very impressed with Glock and their prompt customer service and response.

They have just reinforced my existing customer loyalty.


  1. Doc, it was great meeting you and a privlege to shoot with you this past weekend at BGC. You're a great competitor and real role model for the sport. Hope to see you again soon.

    Tim aka ConfederateHokie

  2. Tim, I seem to have lost your comment. But it was great meeting you too, and i really appreciate your kind words and encouragement! Hope to see you at another match.