Wednesday, August 13, 2014

A New Case

As those of you who are already signed up for Brownell's Lady 3 Gun Pro Am  may already know, Patriot Cases,   as one of the match sponsors, is offering a $100 discount for participants.

Since I don't have an actual 3 Gun case, I recently took advantage of that generous offer, and ordered the SKB Ultimate 3 Gun Storage/Travel Case for myself.  It arrived this past weekend. I was so excited!

This is an airline /TSA capable case, with sturdy latches, and 4 points for padlocks. Though I don't anticipate flying for 3 Gun in the near future, I do prefer a sturdy locked case when crossing state lines in the car with my guns. I also prefer to use a bicycle cable lock to secure such a case to a seat base in order to deter smash-and-grab thieves when I make a pit stop. I'm just paranoid that way. This case will meet all my needs in those areas.

The Patriot SKB Case came with pre-cut foam, but I was able to make personalized modifications to the mil-spec polyethylene foam with a kitchen steak knife. It was much easier than I remember the process being when I was cutting foam for a Pelican rifle case several years ago. Maybe some of you have husbands or boyfriends that want to employ specialized saws or other manly tools for such a job, but being a practical single gal, a simple serrated steak knife worked fine for me.

The case is large enough for me to pack pistol, rifle, shotgun, choke box, shell carriers, magazines, mag pouches and even my holster, all in a single container. And I think if I lay my belt out flat, that may even fit too! This is important for yours truly, because the more gear I have, the more likely it is that I'm going to forget something essential. At my last 3 Gun match I spent 10 minutes swearing and thinking I forgot my holster... until I finally located it in one of the several cases and bags of gear I had packed in the car.

I'm thinking that with this case, if I have holes in the foam for everything, and every hole is filled, that I'll know I have everything. Makes sense, right? Not OCD, right? OCD would be labeling all the holes with what goes there....... ok maybe that's a good idea too. LOL I need all the insurance I can get against mid-life brain fart these days.

Even if all the holes are filled and the case is fully loaded, I can still carry it myself, which is important, considering I'm the one doing all the hauling in this rodeo. There are even skate wheels on the end, so I can roll it down the driveway or into a match hotel if I need to.

As an added bonus, I should be able to cut at least four practice targets out of the cardboard shipping carton, too! ( "Wilful waste makes Woeful want", my father always used to say)

All in all, I feel like this was a great buy, and a fantastic investment for keeping my guns and gear safe and in working order while traveling. Thank you Patriot Cases!

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