Friday, October 10, 2014

Taking Suggestions - What do you think?

To quote Monty Python, "And now for something completely different..."

Here is something that I'll need you readers' help with. In case you haven't noticed, this blog is all about "me". It's basically a public journal, and I write whatever strikes my fancy. There's a bit of beautiful freedom in that, but I realize that it can also get boring for people.

Since I'm not much of an "expert" at anything gun related, (I rather think half the appeal is that I write from the perspective of a relative "noob")  I can't really throw the doors completely open to suggestions for subject matter. I'm limited to what I already have experience with. BUT...

The 2015 SHOT Show is coming. As with last year, I'm going on my own dime - simply because as a blogger, I can. I want to see what there is that is new and interesting. So, I'm asking - what do you want me to look at? What do you want to hear about?

The only caveat is that they have changed the rules this year for Media Day at the Range. This year, media has to be "invited" by an exhibitor. Since I have no sponsors or advertisers, I will not be getting an invitation. Thus, I won't be able to shoot anything new and exciting, like I did with the Glock 42 and Benelli ETHOS last year. 

Oh well. I'm a little disappointed, but honestly I'm probably better off, for now, to be able to write without "strings". Also, this way no one can claim that I have some sort of medical conflict of interest, or that I am somehow "in the pocket of the [dreaded] gun industry". I write about what I like, not what I'm told.

But, other that actually pulling the trigger on Media Day, I'm open to suggestions as to what you would like to see or hear about while I'm there. This would actually help me immensely. With acres of aisles and products, it is almost impossible to see everything. Helping me narrow down the ground to be covered would save me from wandering aimlessly LOL.

So there you have it - an invitation to tell me what you want. Feel free to post suggestions here or on the Facebook page. You've got from now 'til mid January when I get on the plane :-)

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