Sunday, March 15, 2015

My 2015 Shooting Season Starts!

I know some of you who populate the warmer climes never really have to stop shooting due to bad weather - and my jealousy knows no bounds - but here, my season has taken a four-month hiatus. With the exception of one day of nice weather last month, I have been limited to playing in my basement. And that was mostly revolver.

But today finally marked the official start to my USPSA Production shooting season. The weatherman said the high was going to be 50 degrees. He lied. The mercury never climbed out of the 30's -- and there were flurries. "Hot Hands" packets and multiple fleece layers were the only things that kept my trigger finger mobile. I even threw on my camo 10x shell that I got at Media Day for an extra layer and windbreak. It really helped.

I had the good fortune of meeting and squadding with the folks who would be going to Production Nationals with me. Did I mention that? I was given the opportunity by my USPSA Section to shoot at Production Nationals in August at PASA in Illinois. I am both honored and a little intimidated. But like every other big match that intimidates me, I'm looking at it as a learning experience, and a chance to stretch myself and meet new people. I will do the best I can and be happy with that.

So, the match ... well I found out how rusty I am. Which, it turns out, was not as bad as I had feared. I wasn't fantastic, but I wasn't terrible. (For the C class shooter that I am) The classifier stage was even a "par time" stage. I hate those - mostly because I can be accurate when I take my time - but I am almost never fast. I did manage to get all my shots off within the par time - but not all the shots were good ones - or even hit the cardboard - LOL.  But this time last year I didn't even get all my shots off, so progress is being made. It's all a learning experience. :-)

My personal highlight of the match was "cleaning" the Texas star in 5 shots. I have never done that before. Everyone who reads this blog knows that the Texas star is my arch nemesis. The first time I encountered one, I emptied every magazine on my belt and still had some plates left when I ran out of ammo. Since then, things have improved somewhat, but I still always seem to have several misses and end up chasing the last plate. 

Granted, this particular star was sitting out all winter, and was thus ungreased and maybe a little slow turning, but I take my victories where I can find them. I nonetheless finished it with 5 shots, and I was ecstatic! My inner Dowager Countess reminded me that "One must always HOLSTER, before one commences vulgar displays of celebration", so I did temporarily restrain myself before I happy danced LOL. But I DID happy-dance :-)

Here's hoping that the 2015 season will be FILLED with many more vulgar displays of celebration!!

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