Friday, April 17, 2015

Colt and GunGoddess Go Great Together!

My big excitement of the past couple weeks was attending the 2015 NRA Annual Meeting in Nashville last weekend. I think pretty much anybody who was anybody was there,  ( present company excepted - I don't really consider myself to be an "anybody" - I'm more like a coattail rider - LOL).

One of the activities I decided to take on during the event, was to do a bit of a photo safari - to catch some awesome women of shooting while they were out and about. ( You can find photos of several of the women I "caught", on my Facebook page here )

While on my self-imposed mission, I ran into Leah Engler - WOMA Board member and newly sponsored shooter, and Athena Means - owner of
I've had the pleasure of meeting both women through various women's shooting opportunities - Leah, through Babes With Bullets, and Athena as a squadmate at my first 3-Gun Match at Rockcastle in 2013.

Not wanting to pass up an opportunity, I asked Leah and Athena if we could gather at the Colt Booth  to look over Leah's new rifle,  the Colt CRP-18, blinged out with touches from GunGoddess! What a fun collaboration, and what  a deserving shooter to receive a sponsor rifle like this!

In the Colt Booth, our host Glenn Wisser, graciously pointed out the many features of this gorgeous (and also Bad-A$$) rifle. During the course of conversation, Glenn revealed that he has actually been supporting women in shooting for many years - all the way back to the days when he taught revolver -handling to police "matrons" in skirts. Wow, we've come a long way, gals - from skirts and revolvers to tac pants and rifles.

So, what a treat, for Colt and GunGoddess to come together to offer this beautiful rifle that is NOT just another pretty face. The CRP-18 is a fully-featured Colt Competition Rifle - complete with 18" match-grade, stainless steel, fluted barrel; triple-port muzzle brake; Geissele 2-stage match trigger with enlarged trigger guard; patent-pending finger adjustable gas block; and forged and precision-fitted upper and lower receiver, with matched bolt and bolt carrier with H-buffer. On top of all of that performance, this competition-ready rifle has the GunGoddess filligree aluminum, free-float handguard, with the whole shebang done up in your choice of basic black, or 8 different Cerakote colors.

Leah is posing with the robin's egg blue version that was on display in the Colt booth, but she ultimately chose a somewhat more traditional blue version as her 3-Gun workhorse for the season. I am SO excited for her, and I can't wait to watch her put it through its paces!

You can pick out YOUR Colt/GunGoddess beauty, and get started here.

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