Sunday, April 19, 2015

Glock 42 ... or ... Glock 43?

Some of the biggest news that came out of the NRA Annual Meeting last weekend in Nashville, was the debut of the new Glock 43 - the single stack 9mm carry gun that folks have been clamoring for for years. I personally, have been ridiculously happy with my Glock 42, which came out last year, as Glock's first single stack micro pistol in .380 ACP. Some of you may recall that I even shot my Glock 42 in the IDPA BUG Nationals last November.  Link Here

For me, the G42 fit my carry gun needs perfectly, but the caliber wars wage on, and now there is another option in the Glock 43 in 9mm.

What I CAN tell you about the Glock 43, is that it still feels pretty good in my hand. It is just a hair larger than the G42, but still does not feel as big as the S&W Shield 9. But what I CAN'T tell you is how it shoots.

I have to tell you that I missed that boat big time. There are drawbacks to being a doctor who pretends to be a writer - LOL. Being new to the whole NRA Annual Meeting thing, I didn't realize that events really start up on Wednesday or Thursday. I already had non-refundable airfare locked in for Friday night (I have a kind of important day job - LOL), when I received the media invite from Glock to the G43 launch party Thursday. ARGH!! Had I not been such a clueless Noob, I'd have been able to be an actual "insider", and give you a report on how the gun actually shoots.

But, alas, one lives and learns and there will be no further Glock 43 report from me - at least for the time being. My local shop does have a few, but I also had to pay for my daughter's prom dress this weekend. (Yes, sometimes we moms have to prioritize). By the time I get around to getting one for myself, it won't be news anymore. Oh well.

I guess you'll just have to get your info about it from - you know- actual experts LOL!
That being said, I did find this article to be quite interesting.

Even though I was not able to shoot the Glock 43, I WAS able to comfortably carry my Glock 42 throughout the show. Yes, contrary to hysterical media reports, showfloor goers were permitted by Tennessee law to carry if they had a valid permit - which I do, and I did. 

I secured my Glock 42 for travel, in my Gun Vault microvault. The cable made it easy to secure to the inside ribs of the suitcase, and the design satisfied TSA that the gun was secure.

While wearing jeans, I used my Ava IWB holster by Flashbang, which I purchased at , and although I'm not a fan of purse carry, I did use an OWB holster attached to the inside of my purse while wearing a dress on Sunday. 

While wandering around the show I also purchased two new additional carry options for myself and my little G42. I'll talk some more about those when the package arrives in a week or so. I'm very excited!!

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  1. The accessories never end! IMO the G43 would be the better choice, although the new ammunition for the .380 makes it more formidable. Same holds true for the 9mm. But, shot placement is the must important part of the equation. A .22 is enough if it hits the right spot!