Saturday, April 4, 2015

Revolver Rendezvous

I shot the WORST match that I have ever shot in my life, today.
And I am STILL tickled pink about it.

Because this was the first time I've ever shot an IDPA Match with a revolver. 

I've been shooting semi-auto pistols for about 6 years, and even shot in IDPA BUG Nationals last November, but I decided that I want to give the wheel-gun a whirl this year.

Why? Just because. 

I knew it would be a challenge, and it hasn't disappointed me in that regard. EVERYthing about it is different than I am used to. 

-The trigger pull is longer and harder due to the double-action. 

-The pointing/aiming is harder because the gun is heavier, and also because of that trigger pull. 

-The reloading is an ENTIRE other animal all together - not only is the gear different, it all happens "backwards" - ie: from the strong side, not the weak side.

-Then, there is the counting in sixes thing.

But I had a fantastic time today. I love shooting at my own club. I trust these guys to not laugh at me for trying something new ( well, just not very loud anyway - LOL), and I always learn something.

Some of the things that I learned, or discovered that I need to work on today are:

-Shooting weak-hand only with a revolver is NOT the same as doing it with a pistol. It takes a lot more "Oomph".

-Doing a "Tactical Reload" with a revolver means you'd better have a big pocket handy to dump that handful of mess into, because you can't let any live rounds hit the ground when you eject the mixed bag.

-A stage that looks easy-peasy for Stock Service Pistol, is not always so straightforward with Revolver.

-Accuracy is your friend when shooting revolver, because you just don't have the rounds available for follow-up shots. I found this out on my second stage when my brain was still in SSP mode. "Oh wait - I'm empty (insert profanity)" LOL

-Accuracy takes a little more concentration and a little more "finger" than I was using today.

All in all, it was a great day - despite the rain, the wind, the cold, the flurries, and eventually the sun. A couple of the guys even said they might drag their revolvers back out too if I was going to be shooting it all summer. 

As it was, today I was the only revolver shooter on the premises ( I think), so that means that no matter how badly I performed, I still WON my Division - Right? ..... Right? 

That's my story and I'm sticking to it!!

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