Saturday, May 16, 2015

My New Glock 43

In the last post, I told you about my novice shooter daughter's impressions and performance with my Glocks. LINK Since then, I've been able to get back to the range myself to concentrate on my own impressions of my new Glock 43 9mm pistol.

It was a pretty quiet Friday evening at the range, and I started out with a used IDPA target, at 7-8 yards. (I paced it off, but I have short legs and take big steps, so I never really know for sure LOL)  I aimed first at the top of the -0 zone, and then at the bottom of the -0 zone, with two magazines each, using random FMJ I had lying around. Here's what that looked like.

I was pretty impressed. For such a small gun, with regular 9mm ammo, I thought that was pretty durn good. The 43 does have more snap and muzzle flip than the 42, but I didn't really find it uncomfortable.

Once I had a feel for the gun, I ran some 115 gr JHP from the same distance with a new target overlay inside the -0 zone. This is what that looked like.

Granted, this was with slow, deliberate fire. Things obviously widened up considerably once I tried "panic firing" while retreating, but that is probably true of any handgun, and will only get better with training and practice.

Some observations I have...
Bear in mind that these are just the personal preferences and observations of an average Jane Q. Public shooter. I bought this gun with my own funds, from my own local shop, and I have no particular expertise. I only know what I know. And I only know what I like. Your mileage may vary.

So, my biggest dislike is the muzzle flip. It's manageable, but it's there. Because of that, I do like the magazine pinky extension. ( the gun came with one of each style of magazine). The extension gave me a little more leverage and control with my larger hands. With the G42, the extension was merely a preference of mine, but with the 43, I think it is a MUST have. I will need to get more of those pinky magazines, and if they come out with one that has room for an extra round in it, I'll like it even better. Currently, these magazines hold six rounds - which makes you no worse off than with a revolver - and with one in the pipe, you're ahead.

The sights are standard Glock sights. Some people hate them, some people love them, but for me, they are a comfortable "known quantity".

The trigger pull seemed a little stiff. The Glock website says that at 5.5 pounds, the pull is the same as the G42. It may just be that my 42 is more "broken in" and feels lighter because I've been shooting it for over a year and have probably 1000-1500 rounds through it. I'm willing to accept that.

Overall, I like this gun. That's a hard thing for me to say, since I've developed such an affection for my little G42 over the past year. I didn't "want" to like the 43. I was prepared for it to have too much recoil, so I could settle back comfortably and smugly with my pet 42, (and all the gear I've already acquired for it). But I can't do that. The G43 is actually a pretty good gun. It's only a tad larger than the G42, so I should still be able to conceal it. 

And by "a tad", I really mean "barely a smidge". For those of you who need actual measurements, according to the Glock website listing, the differences by my math (which is not Common Core math) are:

Trigger pull - same, at 5.5 pounds
Width - 0.08 inches wider
Length - 0.32 inches longer
Height - 0.12 inches taller
Loaded weight - 5.07 ounces heavier

That's it - really. For a 9 mm carry gun that doesn't hurt me to shoot.

BUT, there is a big enough difference that I need all new gear. (Figures. Good thing I like to shop - LOL)  I've got a Crossbreed holster on order, ( I like my Flashbang Ava for my 42, and wanted to try something new). I'll also need more pinky magazines before I can try out this rig in CCP for IDPA, but that will be the next step for this gun.
I'll let you know how that works out. 

In the meantime, I may see if I can get my daughter to start shooting BUG matches with the 43 since she liked it so much ... No ulterior motive there at all, nope none :-)


  1. You will like the Crossbreed holster. I have 3 and use my QwikClip 100% of the time with my Glock 30SF.

  2. Good to know, thanks! I went for the Minituck, because I like the security of two clips. No paranoia on my part! :-)

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