Thursday, July 16, 2015

Bad Patient

I have a confession - I was a bad girl today. Well, maybe just a bad patient.
I went to the range today. 
But it's not as bad as you think.

See, it's really the club president's fault. He posted photos last night on Facebook of the seven new 100 and 200 yard steel targets they installed. It was too much temptation. It's really not my fault. You shouldn't tempt a woman like that who has been forced to sit on the couch and watch other people's match videos for four solid weeks. It's just not humane.

I go back to work in a week and a half, so I'm really on the upswing. I'm just moving pretty slow and need to get my stamina back yet. I am definitely not ready to have a fully loaded gun belt around my waist. And I'm not ready to stand for hours on end at a match (or even stand for hours seeing patients for that matter. Hell, I can hardly stand to have underwear and jeans on for hours yet,) BUT...

My bored mind rationalized that there is no heavy gun belt involved in shooting a rifle.
I also rationalized that the rifle range had benches that I could pull the car right up to and sit down ... and the club is only 2 miles from my house ... and the rifle only weighs about the gallon of milk that is my lifting limit right now ... and the new steel targets are "permanent", thus obviating the need to haul out and set target stands and other physical exertions ... and it was 70 degrees ... and the sky was blue ... and I'll only stay for an hour, honest.

OMG, it was glorious! I needed that so badly. It was a weekday lunchtime, so I was all alone. The being alone also meant that I couldn't resist the temptation to drive out to see and repaint the 200 yard targets. ( yes, I drove it, I may be a bad patient, but I'm not an idiot). 

It was only 40 rounds, but it was enough. Ahhhhhhh.

Don't judge me :-)

Sunday, July 12, 2015

Stop Trying to Make Me a Criminal

From the Here-We-Go-Again Department: With the presidential election circus getting underway, and the recent tragedy in Charleston, SC, we've re-entered the seemingly never-ending loop of gun-grabber hysteria. The president made his ill-informed views known from the pulpit of a funeral, and this past week, candidate Clinton made her agenda known as well.

I've only been at this shooting sports thing for six years, and I'm already tired of the constant barrage of fear, ignorance and outright lies. I can only imagine how those of you feel who've been doing this your whole lives.

Every time I turn around, these people are trying to find ways to make me a criminal. Barely two years ago, they wanted to make me a felon for possessing a semi-auto rifle that had an evil collapsible stock, with a scary-looking "pistol grip". Then they wanted to make me a criminal for possessing magazines that could hold more than (insert arbitrary number pulled out of backside) rounds. Earlier this year, people with a similar agenda tried to make me a criminal for possessing a type of bullet with a tip that was painted green, because they said it was suddenly a threat to police, after being around for 30 years. Now, these same people want to make it illegal for me to buy ammunition online  (where it is more convenient and cheaper to buy in bulk), and want me to have to buy liability insurance in order to possess a firearm - AND they tried to support the move with lies. The Blizzard of Bullsh*t is never-ending.

If these affronts to the Constitution managed to become law, I would be forced to think hard about joining the ranks of those in New York state and Connecticut who simply refused to comply.

If I sound cranky, that's because I am. The current presidential administration and its congressional cronies have succeeded in turning this previously Independent Moderate into a single-issue voter. Congratulations Dems,  you've now made it personal ...  Because if you manage to make me a felon, not only do I lose my 2A rights, but as a felon, I can no longer practice medicine. I'm not inclined to sit back and let that happen.

So, I'm going to be directing some of my money, not just to a political candidate, but toward combating the Bullsh*t Blizzard.

The Crime Prevention Research Center, under the direction of Dr. John Lott, is working daily to refute with hard facts, the lies and data-twisting of those who seek to infringe upon our 2A rights.

I had the opportunity to hear Dr. Lott speak at this spring's NRA Annual Meeting, and I was impressed. I am very much a "show me the data" kind of gal, and that's exactly what Dr. Lott did. He pointed out flaws and limitations in data collection methods, and illustrated ways that the gun control machine skews statistics to get the effect they want.

With the presidential election season starting to warm up, the CPRC is going to be busier than the proverbial one-armed paper-hanger, trying to provide factual refutations to the increasingly strident anti-gun rhetoric. If you would like to support their efforts through a tax deductible donation, this is the link. Helping them pay their research assistants, ultimately helps us all.

Thursday, July 9, 2015

My View From the Couch

That surgery that I mentioned a few posts ago?    ... Yeah, that's happened. And although I posted an update on Facebook, I haven't gotten to it here on the blog before now. Probably because a blog post seems to require of me more concentrated, coherent thought than I've been able to muster . Between prescription pain meds, and falling asleep every thirty seconds, there hasn't been a lot of sustained synaptic activity happening between my ears lately. But that is changing.

The bottom line on the story is that everything is fine. The Pathology report was clear, thank God. Though it was a little odd to be approached in the pre-op area by a pathology representative, asking if they could "have" my fibroid. Apparently there is an academic tissue banking program at the university, and  well, you know, "Science". So I donated my parts to my alma mater. I "was" gonna put it all in a mason jar to have show-n-tell at my next match, but oh well. You can thank me later :-)

So the first two weeks post-op were not a ton of fun. I was, (and still am) pretty much couch-surfing. But now I'm approaching the three-week mark and am starting to see peeks of daylight. I even got my hair cut yesterday. But that hour and a half was my limit for the day, and I was back on the couch immediately after.

Obviously then, I don't have much exciting shooting-related news to share. But I've at least got some things to look forward to. 

Yesterday I ordered a sling and mounts from Brownell's for my Adams Arms rifle. Turns out that If I hadn't had to withdraw from the WarSport Team Challenge, I'd have needed a rifle sling this weekend. Oops - that was a detail that would have been nice to have a month ago, instead of the week of the event, there guys.  But - live and learn. I got a ton of great advice about it from the Ladies of 3-Gun pros online, and have placed my order. At least I'll be prepared for next time, and won't have to resort to duct tape and paracord. Although I do try to keep pink duct tape in my range bag for just such emergencies!

Another thing to look forward to is the arrival of the new revolver speedloader pouches I ordered from JOX loader pouches.  My duct-tape jury-rigged pouches have been becoming more and more frustrating, and I decided to see what else was out there. I found Nick Jacques' business in a random internet search, and he was VERY responsive to my email query. I placed my order a week before surgery, so they should be arriving any time now, and I'll let ya know how I like them.

I've also been watching the interwebs with baited breath to see when I can get my paws on more Glock 43 magazines. I desperately want to shoot the new gun in a match, and work out of my new Gungoddess holster, but I can't do it with only two 6-round magazines. So far, no joy though. And even if I found some magazines, the TTI plus2 basepads that I was hoping to play with have also sold out. Oh well - the perils of playing with the hot new toy that everybody wants.

So, that's the news and views from my couch. Not exciting, but it's all I have right now. Hopefully I'll have something interesting to share eventually. But in the meantime, I'll be right here, contenting myself with watching Facebook match videos posted by everybody but me. I'll keep ya posted when the mailman or UPS truck arrives :-)