Thursday, July 16, 2015

Bad Patient

I have a confession - I was a bad girl today. Well, maybe just a bad patient.
I went to the range today. 
But it's not as bad as you think.

See, it's really the club president's fault. He posted photos last night on Facebook of the seven new 100 and 200 yard steel targets they installed. It was too much temptation. It's really not my fault. You shouldn't tempt a woman like that who has been forced to sit on the couch and watch other people's match videos for four solid weeks. It's just not humane.

I go back to work in a week and a half, so I'm really on the upswing. I'm just moving pretty slow and need to get my stamina back yet. I am definitely not ready to have a fully loaded gun belt around my waist. And I'm not ready to stand for hours on end at a match (or even stand for hours seeing patients for that matter. Hell, I can hardly stand to have underwear and jeans on for hours yet,) BUT...

My bored mind rationalized that there is no heavy gun belt involved in shooting a rifle.
I also rationalized that the rifle range had benches that I could pull the car right up to and sit down ... and the club is only 2 miles from my house ... and the rifle only weighs about the gallon of milk that is my lifting limit right now ... and the new steel targets are "permanent", thus obviating the need to haul out and set target stands and other physical exertions ... and it was 70 degrees ... and the sky was blue ... and I'll only stay for an hour, honest.

OMG, it was glorious! I needed that so badly. It was a weekday lunchtime, so I was all alone. The being alone also meant that I couldn't resist the temptation to drive out to see and repaint the 200 yard targets. ( yes, I drove it, I may be a bad patient, but I'm not an idiot). 

It was only 40 rounds, but it was enough. Ahhhhhhh.

Don't judge me :-)

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