Thursday, July 9, 2015

My View From the Couch

That surgery that I mentioned a few posts ago?    ... Yeah, that's happened. And although I posted an update on Facebook, I haven't gotten to it here on the blog before now. Probably because a blog post seems to require of me more concentrated, coherent thought than I've been able to muster . Between prescription pain meds, and falling asleep every thirty seconds, there hasn't been a lot of sustained synaptic activity happening between my ears lately. But that is changing.

The bottom line on the story is that everything is fine. The Pathology report was clear, thank God. Though it was a little odd to be approached in the pre-op area by a pathology representative, asking if they could "have" my fibroid. Apparently there is an academic tissue banking program at the university, and  well, you know, "Science". So I donated my parts to my alma mater. I "was" gonna put it all in a mason jar to have show-n-tell at my next match, but oh well. You can thank me later :-)

So the first two weeks post-op were not a ton of fun. I was, (and still am) pretty much couch-surfing. But now I'm approaching the three-week mark and am starting to see peeks of daylight. I even got my hair cut yesterday. But that hour and a half was my limit for the day, and I was back on the couch immediately after.

Obviously then, I don't have much exciting shooting-related news to share. But I've at least got some things to look forward to. 

Yesterday I ordered a sling and mounts from Brownell's for my Adams Arms rifle. Turns out that If I hadn't had to withdraw from the WarSport Team Challenge, I'd have needed a rifle sling this weekend. Oops - that was a detail that would have been nice to have a month ago, instead of the week of the event, there guys.  But - live and learn. I got a ton of great advice about it from the Ladies of 3-Gun pros online, and have placed my order. At least I'll be prepared for next time, and won't have to resort to duct tape and paracord. Although I do try to keep pink duct tape in my range bag for just such emergencies!

Another thing to look forward to is the arrival of the new revolver speedloader pouches I ordered from JOX loader pouches.  My duct-tape jury-rigged pouches have been becoming more and more frustrating, and I decided to see what else was out there. I found Nick Jacques' business in a random internet search, and he was VERY responsive to my email query. I placed my order a week before surgery, so they should be arriving any time now, and I'll let ya know how I like them.

I've also been watching the interwebs with baited breath to see when I can get my paws on more Glock 43 magazines. I desperately want to shoot the new gun in a match, and work out of my new Gungoddess holster, but I can't do it with only two 6-round magazines. So far, no joy though. And even if I found some magazines, the TTI plus2 basepads that I was hoping to play with have also sold out. Oh well - the perils of playing with the hot new toy that everybody wants.

So, that's the news and views from my couch. Not exciting, but it's all I have right now. Hopefully I'll have something interesting to share eventually. But in the meantime, I'll be right here, contenting myself with watching Facebook match videos posted by everybody but me. I'll keep ya posted when the mailman or UPS truck arrives :-) 

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