Tuesday, August 25, 2015

Back in the Pink

I don't think anybody who shoots with me regularly, doubts my attachment to the color pink. It's become a bit of a signature thing for me.  I even wrote a post about it a few years ago. Here .

Well, I happen to have a good buddy with an airbrush who offered to do some work for me recently, since I was laid up and not using my gear anyway. I have a secret suspicion that he has Duracoat running through his veins instead of blood. He combined Duracoat 
 with stencils from Montactical and MCM, to produce these gorgeous beauties!!

Boy, am I glad he offered! I am gob-smacked at how well everything turned out :-) Look how gorgeous! Thank you, Thank you, TriState Tactical Shooting!! 
Coming soon to a match near you! 

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