Tuesday, September 29, 2015

Fabulously Adequate

I have a new mantra. "Fabulously Adequate".
Sounds rather oxymoronic, doesn't it? See also Gloriously Middling, and Outrageously Average. Yet these are all true, and all ME.

I experienced the revelation of this new term, thanks to an article I stumbled across on the interwebs yesterday. You know - the kind of thing where Facebook tells you that a friend "liked" or "commented on" an article posted on the page of a third person whom you don't even know?  It might even have been originally shared from yet another party whom you don't know? And might even be of suspicious origin? Yet somehow it falls under YOUR eye? Yes, that kind of article. It might be legitimately scientific, or it might not. I don't even honestly care if it came originally from the website of lesbian goat herding nuns on Harley's - because I learned something from it.
Here is the article - read it all the way through.

Imposter Syndrome. Sooner or later they're going to figure out that I don't know what I'm doing. Yup. Every. Damn. Day. LOL.

Even in medicine - where I am supposed to be highly trained - it happens. In fact I dare all but the most narcissistic surgeons to claim that this never happens to them as physicians. I think professional humility is a good thing. I recognize that I don't work in a cutting edge academic facility. I don't "save lives" every day. I'm a small town, general pediatrician. I can work at being the best that I can be at what I do, and serve my patients to the best of my ability, but even with that, I am Fabulously Adequate. To strive for anything else would drive me insane - or to the depths of despair at my ineptitude at being "The Best".

When I was a medical student, a wise eye surgeon told me that "The Enemy of 'Good' is 'Perfect'."  Meaning that you have to be able to accept that a good job is "good enough", because with eye surgery, as with many things in life, you can ruin a good thing by trying to tweak it into perfection. I tried to take that advice to heart, and this article just brought all that back for me.

So I have a new mantra for my Shooting ... And my Singing ... And my Sewing ... And now also my "Writing". 

Which brings me to my plans for the weekend.  I'll be attending my second Brownell's Lady 3-Gun Match in Clinton, SC. This will be only my 6th 3-Gun match ever, and due to life throwing me curveballs, my ONLY 3-Gun match for the season. I had plans for several others, including the War Sport Team Challenge, and a 3-Gun Nation Regional match, but surgery this summer got in the way. Life happens. Work happens too, which is why I wasn't sure until last week that I'd be going to this match either.

I haven't had time to pattern my M2 (nor do I really know how to do that anyway), but I've got birdshot, and slugs, and I've got buckshot. I haven't had time to re-sight-in my Adams Arms rifle, but it worked fine at 200 yards a couple months ago.

I've at least shot my M&P 9 recently, so there's that.

So, I'm not terribly prepared, but I'm driving to South Carolina to mix and mingle with awesome women, and shoot guns. That is a good enough goal in and of itself for this year, as far as I am concerned. I'm going to have a blast, and I'm going to be Fabulously Adequate! :-D
See you there!

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