Sunday, November 22, 2015

Magazines and Pedicures

Being surrounded by so many wonderful online women shooting friends, I sometimes forget that we are still an oddity in some circles.

I was wandering around a local gun show this morning, and found some Glock43 magazines WITH the pinky extension. I'd been looking for these off/on for a couple months, so I grabbed all three on the display.

As my card was being swiped, one of the fellows at the booth asked if they were stocking stuffers. 
"No, they're for me", I informed him. "I find the 43 a little too snappy to go without the extension, and I need several of them to shoot BUG matches."

I think he was a little taken aback. 

Then he said they had a Shield if I wanted to see it. I thanked him but declined, and then added that I did see that S&W has come out with a ported Performance Center version of that gun now though, that I might be interested in later.

He paused a little,  taken aback again, I think.

Still trying, he then offered that they had an Ammo sale for Pre-Black Friday, if I needed more 9mm, at only x dollars a box. Again, I thanked him, but declined, explaining that I usually buy my Ammo online, a thousand rounds at a time.

I don't think he knew how to process all of that - especially coming from a woman who was acting alone (without husband in tow). I smiled, signed for my purchase and left.

I'm starting to take what I do for granted - especially considering all the shooting gal pals I now have - scattered across the country though they may be. I forget what sometimes rare birds we still are. I think this poor man thought he was seeing pink elephants or something - LOL. It gave me a bit of a giggle.

And yes, those magazines were a bit of a splurge, considering my new "kid-in-college" efforts at frugality. But I rationalized that I had "paid" for them by foregoing a pedicure these past 4 months.
Don't try to understand that, guys. It's a girl thing - just go with it ;-)

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  1. Good for you! I always get a bit of a giggle, too, in situations like that. :)