Thursday, December 24, 2015

You Were Near a Gun Today!

My dear fellow shoppers...
You were near a gun today.

And yet you remained safe. And none the wiser.
Because I am a concealed firearm carrier going about my merry business.

I was the woman who helped you get the cart loose from the stack at the grocery store. 

I was the one wearing Christmas earrings, who smiled and let you go ahead of me in line. 

I was the shopper who dropped a bill in the kettle on my way out of the store. 

I was the gal in the cute jacket pumping gas next to you at the convenience store. 

All of these happened with a pistol on my hip.

You weren't afraid were you? Because you didn't know. 
Are you scared now that you do know? If you are, why? 
Was I unkind? Was I threatening? Was I scary looking? 

I don't think I was any of those things, because you smiled back at me. You thanked me, and wished me a Merry Christmas. 

Why should you be afraid of me (or insult me or denigrate me) because of an object I legally carry with me for my own (and possibly your) defense?

If your child had a seizure in the coffee aisle, I would be there to help you - because I've had training.

If your car battery were dead in the parking lot, I would be able to help you with that as well - because I have tools like jumper cables.

And if, God Forbid, we were both barricaded in a mall bathroom to escape a maniac, I would hopefully be able to give us both options for survival - because I have a tool and the training to use it.

Think about that. Don't judge from ignorance.

Merry Christmas from the lady in the holly berry earrings.


  1. Wonderfully written. I hope more read it than other concealed carriers, because it is true.

    If I had written a post like yours, I would comment on the fact I will be 70 in a few months. And I carry concealed.

  2. GLAD to KNOW YOU, Girl in the Cute Jacket! :D

    The world needs more like YOU!

  3. Your post is so well written, I am referring directly in my blog Create Me 365.

  4. You go, girl. We're starting a little campaign in my Constitution Study Group (in southern Oregon) to get as many folks as possible carrying.