Tuesday, January 12, 2016

SHOT Packing and Prep

I need to whine for a minute - HATE packing for SHOT Show. 

Don't get me wrong - I LOVE going to SHOT, and I feel privileged to be permitted to attend. So many of my shooting friends know so much more than I do, and have been shooting for so much longer - yet because I write down my ramblings, I get to go, and they don't. So, I understand that it's special -- it's just a giant pain to pack for. Being female doesn't help. Because people expect you to "try" when you're female. Guys can do the standard khakis and company logo polo and be good almost anywhere. Gals not so much.

I have this terrible push-pull over looking decent vs being comfortable walking and carrying a bag full of stuff for literally miles a day. And there are some women's meet n greet events in the evenings that I feel obliged to be a little dressy for. So there is packing tension between looking like a girl - and all the associated "stuff" that entails- and the looming overweight baggage fees.

                              Can't forget my tactical earrings :-)

I admit that I do  like to be the "pop of color" in the sea of tactical black and khaki though. (The guys who shoot with me already know this) SHOT Show is a veritable tidal wave of tactical black, khaki, OD green, flat dark earth and camo. So at least you can find me in the crowd. And let's not even get into the sea of tactical beards. Hey, I may be menopausal, but I'm not bleaching my mustache yet - LOL. So I will be the one in pink/purple/red/yellow who is clean-faced. Just in case you see a crowd shot on the news or something :-)

I did get my haircut, and I did recolor, and I'm getting a mani/pedi before I go, so it's not like I didn't put "any" effort into this. But sheesh, it's not like I'm an Outdoor Channel host or something. I'm a lowly blogger who hides behind a pen name and a computer screen. So I'm going comfy.

Just so you know ahead of time, some things that I already have listed that I want to check out are:

Benelli 828U
Sig P320
Ruger American pistol
S&W ported version of the Shield
Crosman Airbow
Syren Shotguns
Honor Defense
Offhand Gear

Suggestions for other items you want to hear about are very welcome in the comments :-)

Stay tuned - I'll try to get 2 or 3 blog posts up through the week, and a few Facebook comments thrown in for good measure. As an added bonus, I've been invited to pen some pieces for A Girl & A Gun Club as well   so keep an eye out. I hope to have some cool info and new products to share with you.


  1. Instead of packing everything in a suitcase and taking it on the plane, paying huge fees, pack up some of it, gym shoes, jeans, easily replaced if lost, bulky stuff, and US it to your hotel. They will hold it for you until you arrive, provided you've put your name on it. Most hotels can also handle the return shipping for you.

    1. That is definitely my plan if I pick up too much stuff to bring home! :-)

  2. Wish I didn't have to wear the black/5.11 combo.
    I'd rather have a collared shirt and dockers on, but that would make me un-tacticool.

    1. LOL true that at SHOT, tacticoolness can be a consideration :-)