Sunday, February 7, 2016

Stain Testing My Dickies

So, how does Dr LateBloomer entertain herself on a weekend night on-call?

Funny you should ask.
Tonight's project is stain-testing a new set of tactical range clothing that has been generously provided to me by Dickies, for wear-testing.

No, I don't usually do this to my range wear, but I figure if I might be giving my stamp of approval, I should make sure I know what I'm talking about, and one of the items actually carries a tag trumpeting its stain resistance. Challenge accepted.

I used items that I would most commonly be smearing on my clothing - gun oil, sunscreen, colored lip balm, carbon residue from a cleaning brush, grass, and blood. The latter was a personal sacrifice to the gun gods and science. As a lifelong seamstress and quilter, the occasional needle prick is just part of the hobby :-)

I'm going to let it all dry and set in for a day or two before I wash it. Because who stain treats and throws their range clothes into the wash as soon as they get home? If you raised your hand, just know that I hate you. LOL!

Here's some pics and stay tuned!

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